May 17th 2011

Arbor Reserve HOA Meeting Minutes

CW call to order, review last minutes.
Next meeting two weeks
Tenativily accepted settlement offer.
Repairs YES, special assessment NO.
June 1st construction start.
Parking construction work trailer at NW 170th park.
Fence off small portion of park to store materials.
Siding, window trim, decks, to be repaired.

Full budget review and maintenance study after construction finished.
Must move satellite dishes off siding. Relocate up under roof overhang.

Construction upgrade offer to shingle siding.
HOA wide vote needed for capital improvement.
Architectural offer to change pillar appearance.
Possibility of full repaint. CD case only patch paint.
Possibility of new color scheme.

PGE offer $5,500 for 2 lights in lower park.

Question about HWY 26 construction, no sound wall barrier as of now.
Question about vote for shingle siding. 75% needed for quorum.
$17/month HOA due reduction immediately.
Question about summer safety alleyway with kids and cars.
Answer in part to dry out park grass.

Fibersphere internet contract to let lapse.
Frontier new Internet contract. 3 years, guaranteed speed and price.
15 Mbps per house.
HOA to pay bulk fee to Frontier. Home owners can opt-in to bundle or faster speed. Home owner to pay difference to Frontier.

Question about trellises on back of 3 story town homes. Possibility to move above garage. CD lawsuit could maybe move so can’t climb up onto balcony.

Question about kids playing between houses and wall, throwing rocks.

Homeowner notes about “left hand thermal coupler” on water heater going out. Call 800 number for American Water Heater Company. 6 year warranty, could possibly get free parts for repair.

Question about barbecue in garage. No language in CCR’s against open flame in garage.

Nate motion Board vote to approve Frontier contract.
Karl yes, Jerry yes, Scott no, Cameron abstain.

Motion adjourn. Accept.

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