Photography © London Klauer

Please read this notice if you have a satellite dish.

As of June 1st 2011 all owners or residents having satellite dishes mounted to any surface of a townhouse that is NOT under the roof/gutter overhang will be required to move the dish to UNDER the roof/gutter overhang area. If you are calling DirectTV please request they bring a 40 foot ladder, as they do not normally have this equipment. Any satellite dishes not relocated before June 1st will be removed and placed on the front porch as these brackets are damaging your building. The relocation is also required for the siding repair which will be commencing soon.

Please use the following dish locations, they are in order from least amount of risk to the structure to the highest. Please be aware that any damage caused to the roof or structures from the mounting of a satellite dish is the dish owners responsibility to cover. The HOA is not responsible for the repair costs for these damages.

Locations for dish:

#1 – Under the roof soffit

#2 – Directly over the soffit

#3 – Side of structure mounted on blocking that has been flashed/secured to siding

#4 – Roof Mounting – this is the least preferable location as any leaks will directly entire the attic areas.

If you have any questions please contact Northwest Community Management or the HOA Board

Thank you for you quick attention to this matter.